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August 2013

Enter the nomad

Sometimes you talk about the future, say how things will or will not be. It's eerily creepy when you turn out to be right.

During those late night chats in eastern european hostels, same questions would usually arise. Where are you going next? What will you do when you go back home? "I shall go back to Mexico City, finish all unsettled business, and after a year I will leave again", I would answer. "This time I was a away for a year, next time will be longer." Turns out I was right.

It's been a year since my return to the city, and even though this past few months I've hardly been here, a year has passed. Although it wasn't really planned, it nonetheless happened as foreseen. I leave my flat tonight, hand in the keys in the morning. No ceremony, no going away party, just pack my things and leave. But I'm not just moving, nor am I moving away. I leave some possessions scattered around, but for the most part, I need to get rid of them, for there is no intention on coming back. Objects that have accompanied me for some ten years or more, it's time for them to leave. The backpack's more than full, no place for office chairs, suits, or japanese oil lamps. Even the books will have to go. Even the books.

All empty now!

All empty now!

It's been a good year, this past one. The thing about living in such a central part of the city, is that it makes you lazy. I didn't really need to move to meet with people, they were more than willing to come here. 'Meet you downstairs, on the plaza!' Or 'at the coffee shop, two blocks away!' But now the time for pretty Coyoacan is up. No more stone streets, no more rooftop coffee or wine. The time for rucksacks and airplanes is nearing, the time for wanderings is almost here.
So we enter the nomad lifestyle, time to get off my lazy ass and ransack the world!

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The prior arrangemets

Almost there, but not yet quite.

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They say the planning and getting ready is an important part of traveling. Deciding what comes with, and what stays put.
The feeling's stronger this time, for I don't know when, or if I'll be coming back.
I speak of a one year journey. To some I mention two years. But In my heart I know It will be longer than that... There won't be a life to "come back to". Rather, if I do decide to be in Mexico once more, it will be a different life. One built with the blocks I have in that moment.

What to leave, where to store it, who to trust with all my objectified memories? Will a box be enough? Two? Maybe a suitcase, full of suits. If I'm gone for one year it will be fine. But if I'm gone for four? For more?

We're at the final crunch, and I'm still not ready for this trip. I don't think I'll ever be.

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The beginning

In 2011 I won a design competition, the prize: a trip to Milan. That was my first solo trip to another country.
Since then, two and a half years later, I've been to more than 20 countries, and have no plans for stopping any time soon.

Just this year I've been in the Caribbean, sailing with The Clipperton Project from Colombia to Dominican Republic; in Canada, "touring" the cherry orchards, and hitchhiking 2000km across the US. But now a bigger one approaches, so I'll start this blog to try and keep in touch, from time to time!

Here's the plan for the trip, more on it soon!

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