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Here's to the people I've met, and the ones I failed to meet, too.

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See you later my Turkish brothers and Romanian lovers.
Good bye, my Bulgarian roadmates and Polish dreams.
I hope we'll meet again, Italians.
And I'm not forgetting you, Hungarians.
All of you I'll miss, even the Swiss.

See you soon, my Belgians; fare thee well, my Germans.
Au revoir, my dear French smiles.

I'm changing worlds tonight.

Faraway I'll leave you, half a world away I'll stand.
There was too many people, this time around,
that I couldn't see, that I left behind.

I wish I could have met you all.
But there was not enough time.
Instead the list grew longer,
of those with a place in my mind.

I thought this trip would last much more,
yet a mere a year later I'm flying back.

It won't be long before I leave again,
but I do not know where I'll go then.
This world is so big, so beautiful,
How can anyone just stay,
with Australia just a plane away?

So why don't you come for a visit?
But first, ask where I am.

Come, change your world for just a day,
plan it months in advance;
or follow a whim,
leave it all behind.

Travel the world!
Make me a dot on your map,
a scale on your journey,
let me walk by your side.

Unleash your feet, let them wander;
never hold yourself back.

You will find a home, wherever you go,
if you open your heart.
There will be some tough days, yes.
And some sleepless nights.

But the road will reward you,
if you give it the chance.

As for me, I will be
somewhere out there.
Its a big world, I tell you,
with too much to see.

See you soon, my dear friends;
the ones that I'm leaving,
and the ones I fly to!


Off to yet another horizon!

Off to yet another horizon!

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Just a poem.

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I'm tired.
Tired of not having a home,
of people asking if I'm on holiday,
or what my next destination is.
I'm tired of having an answer to that question.

I'm tired of having no place to cook,
and no one to cook for.
Any chance I get, I stay all day inside,
for I miss the cozy warmth,
I miss doing nothing, without anyone staring.
Or asking me why.
I miss having a house, and a day to day life.

I'm tired of eating once at sunrise,
and once at sundown.
Like following some traveling Ramadan.

I'm tired of looking for people that speak my language,
or any other that I speak.
Of repeating myself with simpler words.
I'm tired of depending on others.
And having nothing but a smile to give back.

My shoulders, my back and my feet are tired.
My skin is tired.
My soul is tired.

I'm tired of nostalgia.
Of visiting places I once were,
and finding the memories better.
I'm tired of missing others,
missing places I've never been to.

I'm exhausted of planning,
and then doing something else.

But I guess, I just must love feeling tired.
For I have no intention of stopping.
Not anytime soon.

I wrote this on Facebook originally, but I guess it belongs here.

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